We've Added 2.7 Million Core-Hours Per-Year

June 08 2018

Another leap in our capacity!

Our new supercomputers give Cancer Computer even more capacity, allowing us to significantly increase our contributions to cancer research projects around the world! 

We're going to use this extra computing power to help power projects like:

Mapping Cancer Markers at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center

The Mapping Cancer Markers project aims to identity the markers associated with different types of cancer. Because of this project, researchers and doctors will hopefully be able to detect cancer earlier, identify high-risk patients, and provide customized treatments based on a patient's genetic profile.

How does it work?

Supercomputers, like Cancer Computer's, are used to analyze millions of data points collected from tissue samples. By comparing all of these different data points, cancer researchers hope to identify patterns to detect different cancers and identify responsiveness to various treatments. 

Indiana University's SPLInter Project

This project uses supercomputers to run millions of simulations to pinpoint cancer cells and find compounds that can shut them down. The more simulations run, the closer to finding a ground-breaking treatment and saving lives!