What's the Rosetta@home Project?

May 15 2018

What's the Rosetta@home Project?

Led by Dr. David Baker at the University of Washington, Rosetta@home is a public research project that uses the idle time on a computer to help determine the 3-dimensional shapes of proteins. By understanding the 3-D shapes, researchers can design with a very high level of precision large protein nanostructures.

Being able to build these nanostructures opens up exciting new opportunities for targeted drug delivery and vaccine design!

This will hopefully discover cures for various types of cancers. 

How has Cancer Computer helped?

Rosetta@home uses billions of hours of compute time to make remarkable discoveries. We're proud to contribute computing power from all of our cluster servers and workstations, as well as our staff and volunteer's personal computers.

In fact, the Cancer Computer team was recently 6th place in the world for providing this project with computing resources!

Lets keep computing for the cure!